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It is not often you can call a show or movie groundbreaking but the Munsters did something no other show had done before it’s time. It took creatures we feared and made them into a typical blue-collar American family trying to live life to the fullest. The Munsters brought us many laughs and memories as they tried to live in a world of strange of odd and ugly people. The Munsters only produced 70 episodes but they have out lasted most shows as is proven today as you can see them everyday on some channels. Features Actors of All Levels Part 1

From popular actors to new actors wanting to get their big break, the top online movie site offers movies that contain the biggest names and the newest names. Support these actors and actresses when you watch online movies that will save you money, allow you to watch as often as you wish, where you want to watch them and when you want to watch via your Internet-ready tv and Internet-ready devices.

Here is a list of some of the movies, actors and actresses that you can enjoy

Toyland – Starring Julia Jager
Berlin-based Julia Jager begin her acting in Leipzig in 1992 at the Theaterhochschule “Hans Otto”. The hardest part of her acting career was she was denied the lead role in the film “Jahrestage” and was told that she wasn’t glamorous enough for the part. In “Toyland” she plays a mother who lies to her son and tells him that their neighbors are going to a place named “Toyland”. Yet when her son suddenly disappears at the same time her Jewish neighbors disappear, she is faced with extreme guilt, the consequences of lies and major difficulties and responsibilities.

The Waterhole – Starring Patrick J. Adams
Native of Toronto, Patrick J. Adams has a big history of television, stage and film productions performances. He has worked with Gabriel Macht, co-starring in “Suits”, the USA Network series. He has starred opposite of Joan Allen, Michael Gambon, Dustin Hoffman, and Nick Nolte. The actor has been the guest star of some of the hottest series including Pretty Little Liars, Friday Night Lights, N.C.I.S., Flash Forward, Lie to Me and many others. He won the Best Production at the L.A. Weekly Theatre Awards for his producing and directing.

Watch Patrick J. Adams at in “Waterhole”, where college friends find themselves choosing different routes at the end of their college years. They meet at their favorite water hole called Murphy’s on a regular basis just to hang out, let off some steam and discuss different topics of life.

One Bad Cat – Starring Delroy Lindo
Delroy Lindo is huge. In Malcom X by Spike Lee, many people noticed the diversified talents of Delroy Lindo. He has performed in features including: Clockers (1995), Get Shorty (1995), Soul of the Game (1996), Feeling Minnesota (1996) and many more.

In Flixaddict’s “One Bad Cat”, Lindo plays the renowned Reverend Albert Wagner who is famous as an “outsider” artist whose live has been a major controversy. He was on the verge of self destruction due to his ego, racism and out-of-control lust. However, miraculously saved and inspired by God at the ripe old age of 50 (he is now in his 80s), his artwork was famed and desired by mostly whites. This was very controversial as he is from a racist Southern background and yet his later artworks portrayed scenes that were against members of his own African-American community. But eventually, he sorted out his shady past and was this due to his redemption through his artwork? Watch and find out!

This is just a small list and our team will post more about various actors and actresses. Actors and actresses work hard and passionately to give us entertainment that takes our minds off of our daily routines and responsibilities just for a while. They make life entertaining, magical and more enjoyable. Be sure to support them by watching their films, movies and tv shows. Be sure to watch their performances in movies where we have hundreds of movies to choose from.




 – Biography Genre and Movies – Part 1

The Initiation of Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Caroll was known for his imagination and creativity but in a strange way. No one is really sure if his strange tales, unique creatures, bizarre perceptions are for children or for adults or for both. This film explores the world of Lewis Caroll, the man behind the story “Alice in Wonderland. As the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp does a perfect job and Tim Burton’s film couldn’t portray the surreal and strange world and life of the imaginative and profound Mr. Carroll. An insane queen, a pig that was once a human infant, talking rabbits and much more mass confusion. Is this all for entertainment purposes or is there a deeper message and meaning? Watch “The Initiation of Alice in Wonderland” to find out.

The Madness of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is just a made-up character yet he is extremely famous even many generations after he was dreamed up by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The ultra famous detective (no other detective is as famous as he) can be found everywhere – computer games, on screen, books, mags, in conversations, on souvenirs and more. Yet he is still a mystery to us. Although many people think the detective was a real person who existed here on earth, he was only a fictional character. This film unveils the deep dark occult, secret societies, profound and strange inner struggles that led to the creation of Sherlock Holmes. Also, the weirdness of it all helped to create the other characters, Watson and Moriaty. “The Madness of Sherlock Holmes” was created by Philip Gardiner who is a world reknown speaker and the author of “Gateways to the Otherworld” and “Quantum Mind of God”.

The Donor Conspiracy
Curt and Gavin are medical students who are behaviorally challenged yet geniuses. They were kicked out of their medical school for implanting an electronic penis within a cadaver during class while their professor was conducting an operation for instructional purposes. One night their neighbor Rosalie suddenly begs for their help as somehow her husband has start bleeding profusely. When they try to save him, they discover that he is a victim of a kidney harvest ring where bodies are snatched and organs are stolen to be sold on the black market. The lies, deceptions, horror, blood and humor runs thick and deep in this film.

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Flixaddict – Top Rated Movies – Part 1

Viewers love the best online movie site and have been sending in reviews, feedback and ratings of the films, movies and documentaries that are available. Popular, not-so-popular, second rate, silent, foreign and more can be found. Here the top rated movies at

This movie takes place right after the Great Depression. Many young American men have joined the National Guard and the two main characters in this movie have done the same. From a tiny town, they join their local unit and begin training on weekends. Suddenly these small-town fellas are making money and meeting the ladies as females love men in uniforms. This isn’t too shabby back in 1941 and all seems to be walking on clouds until suddenly Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japan. Life for these new, young soldiers has suddenly changed and they find themselves torn from all that they know including their new wives or girlfriends and off to suddenly learn how to battle for the USA.

The Rage in Placid Lake
Two teens who really didn’t have much of an upbringing from their parents while growing up find the strength and hope to be extraordinary. This is a comical movie that is lively and inspirational too.

21 Eyes
More than OCD Seth Collison has hidden 21 cameras all around his exotically decorated world. He watches everything and nothing can escape his paranoia and the lenses of his cameras. But some how, his property is suddenly strewn with dead bodies and now detectives are on the case using the 21 eyes that recorded all the happenings. What is found is a bizarre line of lies, deceit and treachery.

The mother of two teen girls, Rachel Gerlik back in 1981 wants to join a West Bank religious settlement but they won’t accept her because she needs to prove that she can live a clean, wholesome life and she must be remarried. Then somehow, her youngest daughter is blamed for having luring and being the seductress of some of the boys in town. Now Mom Rachel is faced with having to make a dangerous decision. The only one who can help Rachel and her girls through this is the new guy that is now in her life as she must learn that sometimes being an outcast is the best answer and isn’t as bad as it appears.

Be sure to check out the hundreds of movies in many different genres that are at our site where you can get a free trial account to watch many films, movies and documents on any of your devices that are set up to get Internet service. History Movies – Part 1

Nick Pope – The Man Who Left the MOD
Directed by Philip Gardine and interviewed by Michael Bourne, this movie is about Nick Pope, the man who left the MOD. Having work more than twenty one years for the British Ministry of Defense, he has extensive knowledge of UFOs and is well known due to his role as the chief UFO investigator. He’s known as the Fox Mulder of the British Ministry of defense for over two decade. His worldwide fame is due to tv and radio interviews of his four successful books regarding UFOs and his insider’s knowledge, opinions and opinions on the topic.

Phoenix Lights
Many residents of Arizona, on the night of March 13, 1997, watched mysterious lights in the shape of the V gliding in a one mile length across the sky. As thousands of Arizona residents witnessed this, many others heard about it on CNN, USA Today, extra, MS NBC, the evening news, and the morning news on national TV. Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw spoke of the strange sightings. Dr. Lynne Kitei had been documenting what she saw 4 months before everyone else discovered these lights. Many were shocked and surprised about this phenomenon but there was one person who wasn’t surprised as she had been witnessing and documenting the lights for months. The photos that she had take were not only historical but groundbreaking and startled the experts and optical physicists in the industries. The doctor had been conducting research for over seven years regarding the strange lights that happened over Phoenix and that was finally witnessed by several thousand people years later. In the interviews she calms out with shocking data and a thorough examination of the mysterious lights. Personal testimonies from other people who watched what happened include witnesses such as the former governor of the State of Arizona, the police, professionals, people in the military, a 911 dispatcher, a Councilwoman, and many others. Phoenix council woman

The Cross of Thoth
Hidden for over 4000 years inside a great pyramid is is an old instrument which was created to unveil baffling mysteries that many could not solve for many generations. However, the secret is unveiled as the knowledge of the greatest magicians who ever lived on this earth is presented. Through never giving up and his diehard determination to discover the deep secret used for generations, but was lost and finally revealed for the first time ever, Chrichton E.M. Miller reveals The Cross of Thoth and its hidden truths as the most coveted symbol to all men.

The Real Bloodline
International best-selling author Tim Wallace-Murphy has great insight about Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, Sacred Geometry and Rex Deus,who are considered to be the real blood relatives of Christ Jesus. the real bloodline of Jesus Christ. Tim counsels scholars and professionals such as authors, particularly Dan Brown. In this film, he speaks about the real blood relatives Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the Secret Brotherhoods, the Cathars, the Knights Templar and such the Sufi’s. Tim also explains what these groups do and what they mean in their sacred gatherings of many centuries. This film reveals what may be consider true wisdom of the entire history of the world and beyond., we have many more movies in the History genre as well as hundreds of movies in various genres. We work hard to deliver plenty of movies for everyone so that you


#flixaddict – Fitness on Film and DVDs

Fitness films on DVDs are a great way to get motivated, have fun, lose weight and get into shape without the expensive gym memberships. You can also pop one of these into your player and work out when you want to without having to drive to the gym and line your schedule up with the fitness facility’s class schedule.

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The things that aren’t crucial necessities are now considered “luxuries” when before, they were basic parts of having a balanced life. Gym memberships, personal trainers, exercise classes, dance lessons and classes, and much more are now things that people think they have to forgo. But with fitness films, shows, CDs and DVDs, you don’t have to give up what you need and love – good health, fun, and your YOU time!

Here are three workout videos that we think you’ll love. Our team at Flixaddict will keep posting more so that you can have a variety to choose from. At our top online movie site, we also have fitness and workout films that will keep you in top condition with the expense and you can watch them over and over again on your Internet-ready devices. You can watch our online movies and films as often as you wish, any time you want and anywhere you want to watch them.

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Cardio Boot Camp
Featuring three high energy, fat-burning workouts, this film is conditioning
army-style mixed with martial arts and dance. The first workout is a combination of
strength training, Tae Kwon Do moves, and Pilates. The second is a toning exercise
using boot camp moves and weight training using Pilates. The last workout is a very
challenging exercise. It’s a mix of the first two workouts and it’s very intense.
Cardio Boot Camp features Tracey Mallett, martial arts and dance professional.

Ballroom Dancing Basics
Hosted by champion dancers, Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin, this DVD shows you
how to dance with grace and confidence on any dance floor. This features easy step
by step instructions and demonstrations. After watching this, you’ll be able to
dance six different types of dances: Night Club Sway, Rumba, Foxtrot, Samba,
Merengue, and Waltz. In no time, you’ll be dancing like a pro.

Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful
This great, energetic exercise was made and choreographed by competitors from
Dancing with the Stars. This film features unique and different workouts that are
simple and fun! To do the routines, you don’t need to be an expert. Each routine is
broken down into slow steps. Then, gradually it gets faster and faster until you
have a full body blast exercise that’ll tone your body.


Flixaddict – Family Movies – Part 1

Be sure to check out all your favorite family movies at

Family movies are great for kids of all ages – from nine months old to 99 years old. Family movies can be watched together or alone. They are usually heartwarming and have morals and values to them. They aren’t just for folks with young kids. Family movies can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime especially the following movies (below) at where we have lots of movies in our family genre as well as hundreds of movies in other genres. Be sure to create your free trial account now.

A Peck on the Cheek
This film won an award in the Toronto and San Francisco International Film Festivals. It focuses on a nine-year-old girl named Amudha. She finds out that she’s an orphan from Sri Lanka. To meet her birth-mother/her real mom, she and her adopted family gather up enough
courage to go to her dangerous hometown. This journey contains the adventures of a lifetime. This Bollywood-inspired film’s soundtrack is by then Academy Award winning composer of Slumdog Millionaire India.

Two Cars, One Night.
This very short love story is about three kids in two cars. They wait outside a local bar for their parents. This movie is only eleven minutes long. It’s cute and innocent and a wonderful short film.

Wilderness Love
The parents of three children, named Bridge, Sam, and Hannah, are getting a divorce. The kids desperately want their parents to be together, as most children usualy do. However, they figure out that might never happen and this terrifies them. Their mom, Susannah starts dating other people and their dad, Jerry, is worrying them. So they devise a plan to help their parents out before everything gets even messier. They get their dad on the cover of an Alaska Love
Magazine as the most available bachelor so that they can find a woman for him. Ironically, Susannah is the one who matches Jerry up with a woman named Gina. They both like each other and get along very well but he starts getting letters from a mysterious person named Sarah. This changes everything. How will this love triangle turn out? Will it be what the children want? This movie is set in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska and the scenery is breathtaking and it embraces charm, family, and love.

Santa and Pete
This family is having a tough Christmas without Grandma as it is their first one without her as she has passed away. However, loving and caring Grandpa cheers up his grandson with an old story that has been told for generations. It’s about Santa and Pete in faraway, magical places. The Saint Nicholas from the Old World is turned into today’s Santa Claus. In the beginning, Saint Nicholas goes around the world all by himself with no one to help him. He keeps track of young people in his secret book and is a miracle worker. However, he gets sent to jail because people think he’s a spy. He’s convinced that he has to spend the rest of his life in a Spanish jail until Pete bails him out. They team up to make kids happy and now Santa has Pete to help him.


@flixaddict – Comedy Movies – Part 1

Creating an account at requires three simple steps:
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Why do we love comedies? Well, there are many, many reasons why people love comedies and comedy movies. One simple reason is that they make us feel good. When you find something funny, you will naturally laughed and when you laugh this picks up your mood and emotions as there are chemicals called endorphins that are released from the brain when you laugh. These endorphins are also called the good feel hormones. So that is just one reason why we love comedies.

Here are a few comedy movies that you can find at the top online movie website push To view all our movies, be sure to check out the website.

Romeo and Juliet Get Married
The only thing that tears this Romeo and Juliet couple apart in this movie is soccer. To get Julieta to love him, Romeu has to pretend he’s a fan of a soccer team called Palmeiras. However, he’s really a fan of Corinthians. So their love is torn apart by two opposing soccer teams. Is this silly? Is it something that should even be a matter regarding their feelings for each other? How will they deal with what some may consider pettiness, yet others consider a big deal, regarding their relationship? Watch and find out for yourself.

Siam Sunset
Nominated for six Australian Academy Awards, this movie also won Best Picture, Hawaii International Film Festival, and Fantasporto International Sci-fi Awards. Perry’s great life working for a British paint company takes a sudden turn. Hoping to find a special color called Siam Sunset, he goes to one of the most deserted places in the varied landscapes and terrain of Australia. Maybe this is where he will find the rare hue that he is looking for. Yet what he does find is love. He meets a woman name Grace who seems like she doesn’t belong in this work. They decide to take another shot at life and love together. Siam Sunset is light, heart-warming, and full of humor.

In this crazy comedy movie, a wife discovers her spouse’s strange addiction: the desire to cut off his arms. What would you do if you found out your significant other likes to cut off parts of their body? People have weird addictions but this is really out of the ordinary. Maybe there should be some recovery group for this. What a silly yet bizarre thing. Be sure and watch to see how they deal with this.

Choose from hundreds of movie titles and take your movies out the door, outside. Because the films and movies at Flixaddict stream instantly to your mobile device and Internet-ready devices, you can take what you want to watch with you no matter where you go.