Flixaddict – Family Movies – Part 1

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Family movies are great for kids of all ages – from nine months old to 99 years old. Family movies can be watched together or alone. They are usually heartwarming and have morals and values to them. They aren’t just for folks with young kids. Family movies can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime especially the following movies (below) at PushPlay.com where we have lots of movies in our family genre as well as hundreds of movies in other genres. Be sure to create your free trial account now.

A Peck on the Cheek
This film won an award in the Toronto and San Francisco International Film Festivals. It focuses on a nine-year-old girl named Amudha. She finds out that she’s an orphan from Sri Lanka. To meet her birth-mother/her real mom, she and her adopted family gather up enough
courage to go to her dangerous hometown. This journey contains the adventures of a lifetime. This Bollywood-inspired film’s soundtrack is by then Academy Award winning composer of Slumdog Millionaire India.

Two Cars, One Night.
This very short love story is about three kids in two cars. They wait outside a local bar for their parents. This movie is only eleven minutes long. It’s cute and innocent and a wonderful short film.

Wilderness Love
The parents of three children, named Bridge, Sam, and Hannah, are getting a divorce. The kids desperately want their parents to be together, as most children usualy do. However, they figure out that might never happen and this terrifies them. Their mom, Susannah starts dating other people and their dad, Jerry, is worrying them. So they devise a plan to help their parents out before everything gets even messier. They get their dad on the cover of an Alaska Love
Magazine as the most available bachelor so that they can find a woman for him. Ironically, Susannah is the one who matches Jerry up with a woman named Gina. They both like each other and get along very well but he starts getting letters from a mysterious person named Sarah. This changes everything. How will this love triangle turn out? Will it be what the children want? This movie is set in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska and the scenery is breathtaking and it embraces charm, family, and love.

Santa and Pete
This family is having a tough Christmas without Grandma as it is their first one without her as she has passed away. However, loving and caring Grandpa cheers up his grandson with an old story that has been told for generations. It’s about Santa and Pete in faraway, magical places. The Saint Nicholas from the Old World is turned into today’s Santa Claus. In the beginning, Saint Nicholas goes around the world all by himself with no one to help him. He keeps track of young people in his secret book and is a miracle worker. However, he gets sent to jail because people think he’s a spy. He’s convinced that he has to spend the rest of his life in a Spanish jail until Pete bails him out. They team up to make kids happy and now Santa has Pete to help him.


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