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Fitness films on DVDs are a great way to get motivated, have fun, lose weight and get into shape without the expensive gym memberships. You can also pop one of these into your player and work out when you want to without having to drive to the gym and line your schedule up with the fitness facility’s class schedule.

In today’s challenging economy and economy crisis, people everywhere are looking for a way to cut expenses and to work with their new budgets, which are tighter than ever. It seems that the first things to go are things that aren’t necessities such as housing, food, utilities, gasoline to get to work and school, etc.

The things that aren’t crucial necessities are now considered “luxuries” when before, they were basic parts of having a balanced life. Gym memberships, personal trainers, exercise classes, dance lessons and classes, and much more are now things that people think they have to forgo. But with fitness films, shows, CDs and DVDs, you don’t have to give up what you need and love – good health, fun, and your YOU time!

Here are three workout videos that we think you’ll love. Our team at Flixaddict will keep posting more so that you can have a variety to choose from. At our top online movie site www.flixaddict.com, we also have fitness and workout films that will keep you in top condition with the expense and you can watch them over and over again on your Internet-ready devices. You can watch our online movies and films as often as you wish, any time you want and anywhere you want to watch them.

Now check the following out and visit #Flixaddict.com for your free trial account now:
Cardio Boot Camp
Featuring three high energy, fat-burning workouts, this film is conditioning
army-style mixed with martial arts and dance. The first workout is a combination of
strength training, Tae Kwon Do moves, and Pilates. The second is a toning exercise
using boot camp moves and weight training using Pilates. The last workout is a very
challenging exercise. It’s a mix of the first two workouts and it’s very intense.
Cardio Boot Camp features Tracey Mallett, martial arts and dance professional.

Ballroom Dancing Basics
Hosted by champion dancers, Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin, this DVD shows you
how to dance with grace and confidence on any dance floor. This features easy step
by step instructions and demonstrations. After watching this, you’ll be able to
dance six different types of dances: Night Club Sway, Rumba, Foxtrot, Samba,
Merengue, and Waltz. In no time, you’ll be dancing like a pro.

Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful
This great, energetic exercise was made and choreographed by competitors from
Dancing with the Stars. This film features unique and different workouts that are
simple and fun! To do the routines, you don’t need to be an expert. Each routine is
broken down into slow steps. Then, gradually it gets faster and faster until you
have a full body blast exercise that’ll tone your body.


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