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Nick Pope – The Man Who Left the MOD
Directed by Philip Gardine and interviewed by Michael Bourne, this movie is about Nick Pope, the man who left the MOD. Having work more than twenty one years for the British Ministry of Defense, he has extensive knowledge of UFOs and is well known due to his role as the chief UFO investigator. He’s known as the Fox Mulder of the British Ministry of defense for over two decade. His worldwide fame is due to tv and radio interviews of his four successful books regarding UFOs and his insider’s knowledge, opinions and opinions on the topic.

Phoenix Lights
Many residents of Arizona, on the night of March 13, 1997, watched mysterious lights in the shape of the V gliding in a one mile length across the sky. As thousands of Arizona residents witnessed this, many others heard about it on CNN, USA Today, extra, MS NBC, the evening news, and the morning news on national TV. Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw spoke of the strange sightings. Dr. Lynne Kitei had been documenting what she saw 4 months before everyone else discovered these lights. Many were shocked and surprised about this phenomenon but there was one person who wasn’t surprised as she had been witnessing and documenting the lights for months. The photos that she had take were not only historical but groundbreaking and startled the experts and optical physicists in the industries. The doctor had been conducting research for over seven years regarding the strange lights that happened over Phoenix and that was finally witnessed by several thousand people years later. In the interviews she calms out with shocking data and a thorough examination of the mysterious lights. Personal testimonies from other people who watched what happened include witnesses such as the former governor of the State of Arizona, the police, professionals, people in the military, a 911 dispatcher, a Councilwoman, and many others. Phoenix council woman

The Cross of Thoth
Hidden for over 4000 years inside a great pyramid is is an old instrument which was created to unveil baffling mysteries that many could not solve for many generations. However, the secret is unveiled as the knowledge of the greatest magicians who ever lived on this earth is presented. Through never giving up and his diehard determination to discover the deep secret used for generations, but was lost and finally revealed for the first time ever, Chrichton E.M. Miller reveals The Cross of Thoth and its hidden truths as the most coveted symbol to all men.

The Real Bloodline
International best-selling author Tim Wallace-Murphy has great insight about Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, Sacred Geometry and Rex Deus,who are considered to be the real blood relatives of Christ Jesus. the real bloodline of Jesus Christ. Tim counsels scholars and professionals such as authors, particularly Dan Brown. In this film, he speaks about the real blood relatives Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the Secret Brotherhoods, the Cathars, the Knights Templar and such the Sufi’s. Tim also explains what these groups do and what they mean in their sacred gatherings of many centuries. This film reveals what may be consider true wisdom of the entire history of the world and beyond.

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