@flixaddict.com Features Actors of All Levels Part 1

From popular actors to new actors wanting to get their big break, the top online movie site #Flixaddict.com offers movies that contain the biggest names and the newest names. Support these actors and actresses when you watch online movies that will save you money, allow you to watch as often as you wish, where you want to watch them and when you want to watch via your Internet-ready tv and Internet-ready devices.

Here is a list of some of the movies, actors and actresses that you can enjoy @flixaddict.com

Toyland – Starring Julia Jager
Berlin-based Julia Jager begin her acting in Leipzig in 1992 at the Theaterhochschule “Hans Otto”. The hardest part of her acting career was she was denied the lead role in the film “Jahrestage” and was told that she wasn’t glamorous enough for the part. In “Toyland” she plays a mother who lies to her son and tells him that their neighbors are going to a place named “Toyland”. Yet when her son suddenly disappears at the same time her Jewish neighbors disappear, she is faced with extreme guilt, the consequences of lies and major difficulties and responsibilities.

The Waterhole – Starring Patrick J. Adams
Native of Toronto, Patrick J. Adams has a big history of television, stage and film productions performances. He has worked with Gabriel Macht, co-starring in “Suits”, the USA Network series. He has starred opposite of Joan Allen, Michael Gambon, Dustin Hoffman, and Nick Nolte. The actor has been the guest star of some of the hottest series including Pretty Little Liars, Friday Night Lights, N.C.I.S., Flash Forward, Lie to Me and many others. He won the Best Production at the L.A. Weekly Theatre Awards for his producing and directing.

Watch Patrick J. Adams at Flixaddict.com in “Waterhole”, where college friends find themselves choosing different routes at the end of their college years. They meet at their favorite water hole called Murphy’s on a regular basis just to hang out, let off some steam and discuss different topics of life.

One Bad Cat – Starring Delroy Lindo
Delroy Lindo is huge. In Malcom X by Spike Lee, many people noticed the diversified talents of Delroy Lindo. He has performed in features including: Clockers (1995), Get Shorty (1995), Soul of the Game (1996), Feeling Minnesota (1996) and many more.

In Flixaddict’s “One Bad Cat”, Lindo plays the renowned Reverend Albert Wagner who is famous as an “outsider” artist whose live has been a major controversy. He was on the verge of self destruction due to his ego, racism and out-of-control lust. However, miraculously saved and inspired by God at the ripe old age of 50 (he is now in his 80s), his artwork was famed and desired by mostly whites. This was very controversial as he is from a racist Southern background and yet his later artworks portrayed scenes that were against members of his own African-American community. But eventually, he sorted out his shady past and was this due to his redemption through his artwork? Watch and find out!

This is just a small list and our team will post more about various actors and actresses. Actors and actresses work hard and passionately to give us entertainment that takes our minds off of our daily routines and responsibilities just for a while. They make life entertaining, magical and more enjoyable. Be sure to support them by watching their films, movies and tv shows. Be sure to watch their performances in movies where we have hundreds of movies to choose from.








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