Flixaddict – Top Rated Movies – Part 1

Viewers love the best online movie site #Flixaddict.com and have been sending in reviews, feedback and ratings of the films, movies and documentaries that are available. Popular, not-so-popular, second rate, silent, foreign and more can be found. Here the top rated movies at Flixaddict.com:

This movie takes place right after the Great Depression. Many young American men have joined the National Guard and the two main characters in this movie have done the same. From a tiny town, they join their local unit and begin training on weekends. Suddenly these small-town fellas are making money and meeting the ladies as females love men in uniforms. This isn’t too shabby back in 1941 and all seems to be walking on clouds until suddenly Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japan. Life for these new, young soldiers has suddenly changed and they find themselves torn from all that they know including their new wives or girlfriends and off to suddenly learn how to battle for the USA.

The Rage in Placid Lake
Two teens who really didn’t have much of an upbringing from their parents while growing up find the strength and hope to be extraordinary. This is a comical movie that is lively and inspirational too.

21 Eyes
More than OCD Seth Collison has hidden 21 cameras all around his exotically decorated world. He watches everything and nothing can escape his paranoia and the lenses of his cameras. But some how, his property is suddenly strewn with dead bodies and now detectives are on the case using the 21 eyes that recorded all the happenings. What is found is a bizarre line of lies, deceit and treachery.

The mother of two teen girls, Rachel Gerlik back in 1981 wants to join a West Bank religious settlement but they won’t accept her because she needs to prove that she can live a clean, wholesome life and she must be remarried. Then somehow, her youngest daughter is blamed for having luring and being the seductress of some of the boys in town. Now Mom Rachel is faced with having to make a dangerous decision. The only one who can help Rachel and her girls through this is the new guy that is now in her life as she must learn that sometimes being an outcast is the best answer and isn’t as bad as it appears.

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