@flixaddict – Comedy Movies – Part 1

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Why do we love comedies? Well, there are many, many reasons why people love comedies and comedy movies. One simple reason is that they make us feel good. When you find something funny, you will naturally laughed and when you laugh this picks up your mood and emotions as there are chemicals called endorphins that are released from the brain when you laugh. These endorphins are also called the good feel hormones. So that is just one reason why we love comedies.

Here are a few comedy movies that you can find at the top online movie website push play.com. To view all our movies, be sure to check out the website.

Romeo and Juliet Get Married
The only thing that tears this Romeo and Juliet couple apart in this movie is soccer. To get Julieta to love him, Romeu has to pretend he’s a fan of a soccer team called Palmeiras. However, he’s really a fan of Corinthians. So their love is torn apart by two opposing soccer teams. Is this silly? Is it something that should even be a matter regarding their feelings for each other? How will they deal with what some may consider pettiness, yet others consider a big deal, regarding their relationship? Watch and find out for yourself.

Siam Sunset
Nominated for six Australian Academy Awards, this movie also won Best Picture, Hawaii International Film Festival, and Fantasporto International Sci-fi Awards. Perry’s great life working for a British paint company takes a sudden turn. Hoping to find a special color called Siam Sunset, he goes to one of the most deserted places in the varied landscapes and terrain of Australia. Maybe this is where he will find the rare hue that he is looking for. Yet what he does find is love. He meets a woman name Grace who seems like she doesn’t belong in this work. They decide to take another shot at life and love together. Siam Sunset is light, heart-warming, and full of humor.

In this crazy comedy movie, a wife discovers her spouse’s strange addiction: the desire to cut off his arms. What would you do if you found out your significant other likes to cut off parts of their body? People have weird addictions but this is really out of the ordinary. Maybe there should be some recovery group for this. What a silly yet bizarre thing. Be sure and watch to see how they deal with this.

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@flixaddict – Best Chick Flicks of 2012

Joyful Noise
A quaint town in Georgia called Pacashau is having trouble. The Divinity Church Choir is being counted on to cheer everyone up by snatching first place in the National Joyful Noise Competition. The choir has no problems singing in tune. However, their only struggle is the two ladies that are the leaders of the choir. Queen Latifah plays Vi Rose Hill who wants to stick to traditional style while G.G. Sparrow thinks that it’s old and boring. Things get even more heated when Randy, G.G.’s disobedient grandson shows up. Randy is talented when it comes to music and also is attracted to Vi Rose’s gorgeous daughter named Olivia, played by Keke Palmer. The two teenagers being interested in each other causes even more fighting between Vi Rose and G.G.

The Iron Lady
This film is about an affectionate painting of Margaret Thatcher. Meryl Streep is the leading lady of this movie. Margaret Thatcher was the first and only Prime Minister of The United Kingdom who was female. She was known for being one of the most powerful women. She eliminated gender and class barriers. She made herself known in a world dominated by men.This is one powerful, strong lady.

One for the Money
Stephanie Plum is a sassy Jersey girl who has been jobless and carless for the past six months. Struggling for cash, Stephanie turns to her only option: getting a job as a recovery agent from her sleazy relative at his bail bond company. Although she doesn’t own any handcuffs or even pepper spray, she still faces former vice police officer and murder suspect, Joe Morelli. This is the same guy who dumped her back when they were in high school.

Albert Nobbs
Glenn Close, nominated for the Academy Awards five times, is the main character in this dramatic and emotive film. It’s based in Ireland in the 19th century and focuses on a lady who is forced to live as a man. After living under this disguise for thirty years, all of her hard work is on the line when she falls in love. Now what to do?

In this movie, Jennifer Garner plays a determined wife of the butter-sculpting champion of Iowa, played by Ty Burrell, but she decides to do her own thing once he retires. She’s the best in her craft until a young girl, played by Yara Shahidi, finds her talent for carving butter and becomes competition.

The Hunger Games
Once a year in what’s left of North America, Panem, the capitol of the country, makes one teenage girl and one teenage boy to be competitors called Tributes in the Hunger Games. A cruel and unusual punishment and a way for the government to show that they have power, these games are shown on TV all over the world. The tributes have to fight to the death until there’s one still alive. Competing against tributes that have been training their entire lives for this, Katniss only has herself and her alcoholic mentor. She has to decide if survival is more important than love if she wants to make it home.
These are shows and movies that most females love. Some guys love them too. Our team at Flixaddict.com will keep posting more of the best chick flicks so be sure to check back often.

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Flixaddict review of Parks and Recreation

Like this show? Let me know at flixaddict.com

Set in the small town of Pawnee, Indiana, Parks and Recreation is an off-beat quirky comedy reminiscent of The Office and other ‘mockumentary’ genre shows.

The show is about the everyday strife and struggle of a small town parks and recreation department trying to better their small corner of the world despite whatever challenges they might run into in the process. Led by parks and rec director Lelsie Knope (Amy Pollard), the crew finds new ways to continue improvement projects around the city while constantly facing problems like limited budgets and lack of approvals from their higher ups.

The characters are well played as the show is written in such a manner similar to that of many other SNL writer spin-offs. The show appreciates the awkward moment all too well or the over-zealous boss as well characters constantly setting themselves up to be at the short end of a funny moment. The show mainly follows Leslie Knope but also gives plenty of time to other characters and the developing relationship between them.

After watching this for several episodes you can start to predict the reactions or anticipate what certain characters will do or say pertaining to the situation. Expecting it, not in a boring way but the way you anticipate the ending to one of your favorite stories because you know it’s coming.

Parks and Rec has an eclectic bunch of faces that can be seen on other shows like Amy Pollard on SNL, Rashida Jones on The Office. The show also brings back the face of the 80’s with Rob Lowe as a lean mean health nut freak who jogs everywhere and is acutely positive in any situation.

All in all, Parks and Recreation is entertaining, memorable, and a definitely quotable show that doesn’t exhaust any one given channel to get a laugh. Many times the show wraps up on a hopeful or positive note with a narrated recap and insightful thought or two about the events within that episode.  I would suggest this show to anyone who is look for lighthearted entertainment that is easygoing and will definitely make them glad they took the time to watch it.

#flixaddict – Paranormal Shows

Paranormal investigator shows have been popping up more frequently in the past couple of years. These shows all follow the same sort of formula in which they somehow hear of a haunted location and they assess the situation, judging exactly the best way to approach the entity haunting the place. Usually the show consists of some kind of team that has a leader or someone who is most educated in the field.

Often, the show involves some sort of strange equipment that is supposed to monitor ghost activity in some way. Sometimes these instruments measure changes in heat or temperature and other times it will be sounds or maybe infrared light sources. No matter what the instruments do, they are always really obscure and there is no way for a normal person to know how to use them or what they are even for. In my opinion, I think most of the time it is probably just made up. Regardless, they just are believable and concrete enough to make these types of shows more believable and realistic.

Something that I really don’t understand about all of these shows is the camera quality of what they show you. No matter how much big the budget is, for some reason it looks like it was recorded on a cheap hand held camcorder in night vision mode. That’s one of the things that turns me off to these kinds of shows. Perhaps the ones involve think that filming in this way makes everything seem more real and spookier. I’m not quite sure but I do know that if this is the reason, it’s not working. It just looks like they’re using a cheap camcorder. There is never really anything actually happening other than a bunch of people wandering around aimlessly in the dark trying to find something to scare them. Many times a small sound like a floor board creaking or even the wind blowing causing a curtain to move constitutes ‘paranormal activity’ within the show. This just isn’t enough “evidence” for me to get frightened or to even buy that there is some sort of demonic force or ghost in the room.

I understand that they need footage but to me it seems like a waste of time to just keep filming a show where nothing is actually happening while trying to convince the viewers that it is exciting and they shouldn’t change the channel. All you seen is grainy, dark greenish poor quality on the tv. Sorry. That’s not enough for me to stay glued. In fact, the more I keep watching, the more I will become Unglued.

There is one show of this particular genre that I do enjoy because of the way they combine the paranormal aspect with a Mythbusters kind of approach. They investigate videos and pictures that people send them or go to certain locations and they try to find a logical explanation to why something appears to be paranormal or extraterrestrial.

The show covers more than just ghosts. They also debunk aliens, big foot, strange lights, zombies, voodoo, and anything else that someone can throw at them. To me, this was the right way to do the show of this nature because it relates the people in the show to the viewer instead of trying to convince us what is real or fake, they are trying to find out for themselves and it’s up to us to form opinions for ourselves.

At Flixaddict.com, we recommend that you watch and see for yourselves and if you can take the time to write up a quick review or feedback, we’ll share it with others. This will help others with their “what to watch” decisions.

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Flixaddict.com – Paper Man

Richard, a has-been writer, is staying in a cabin in hopes of striking up some inspiration that will allow him to write his next novel. His wife is only at the cabin every other weekend which gives him time alone to write while she is at home tending to their house and her job as a medical resident.

Richard finds himself unable to write and every time he attempts to put something down on paper he is visited by Captain Excellent. Captain Excellent is an imaginary friend and super hero Richard made up when he was second grade. Since then Captain Excellent has been showing up every now and then and acts as Richard’s conscience and only true friend.

A few days of failed writing attempts pass by and the uninspired writer is bored. But he soon meets a young high school girl named Abby. Abby is a bit more mature than her friends and boyfriend, that are her age, and she enjoys Richard’s presence on a platonic mentoring type of level. Richard initially offers her a small gig as a babysitter even though he doesn’t have any kids for her to watch.

Abby doesn’t really seem to mind and spends her time cleaning his small house and making the occasional meal. Richard feels as if he finally has a real friendship and in a way, a chance to relive part of his adolescence with his new friend.

There are a few sub plots in the movie and a few of which I find to be confusing and not needed. The imaginary friend of Captain Excellent is something that never really develops into anything worthwhile. Another character who is Abby’s sad best friend is constantly around and sometimes in an unsettling and unexpected way. He is madly in love with her and he’s really only in “love” to make her feel sorry for him. Some of these parts just didn’t tie in with the rest of the movie.

Honestly I didn’t think that this movie was all that great. There were good parts of the movie but for me, they really weren’t redeeming enough to compensate for all the back and forth between the other failed plots in the film.

Richard is discovered by his wife with Abby after they accidentally fell asleep together, forgetting that she would be arriving with some friends in the morning. His wife is angry and confused, but later she seems somewhat understands that Richard is unhappy and feeling that he has no real friendships and somehow got something from a high school girl that he couldn’t find in all the other family friends that he had over the years. This was strange and unrealistic to me. Arriving at the movie’s ending there is some resolution to the story but it’s not anything that interesting. Paper Man was a swing and a miss in my opinion.

Like in writing or reading, a movie’s storyline must tie in and make sense. The movie “Paper Man” does not do a great job with this according to the viewer’s feedback and review. Shrek

Shrek is an off-beat fairytale that takes jabs at your classic Disney favorites. The spoofs on Disney works could partially be due in part because of many of the Dreamworks production members were formerly employed by Disney.

Shrek focuses on the unsung heroes and the underdogs of the fairy tale story rather than the glorified princes and princesses. Shrek is a smelly ugly green ogre who lives in a small shack in the middle of a big infested swamp. He likes it this way and really refuses to change until one day he wakes up to find all of the fairy tale creatures inhabiting his land due to an order put out but the high and mighty Lord Farquad.

In frustration, Shrek vows to get all on the fairy tale creatures off his land and back where they belong. He states this with the intent of it being a threat towards the intruders but tham recognizes it as a saving grace. From that point Shrek is unwillingly committed to reaching out to Lord Farquad to get the people off his land.

Dreamworks has plenty of characters that they borrow from Disney movies and classic children’s stories. They put their own spin on it by making the characters way different than the way you are used to seeing them being portrayed. Characters like the gingerbread men, three blind mice, three little pigs, and the talking mirror from Snow White are just a few of the funny spoofs that the movie Shrek entails.

Shrek has roles from Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers that bring to life the full computer animation of Shrek. The music reminds me of the soundtrack from A Knight’s Tale, the way it is more modern even though the movie is taking place in the middle-ages sometime.

Although Shrek is considered a children’s movie it does have some more suggestive content like music with a couple profanities and vulgar behavior here and there. It’s much like the movie Antz in terms of questionable content. Shrek was created by the same company as Antz so the similarities would make sense.

I would say that for children that are a little bit older Shrek would be a fine movie for them to watch. I wonder why Dreamworks made some of the choices to include the more suggestive material when the movie is clearly intended to be meant for youngsters. That might be why even though Dreamworks sees plenty of success with its movies, Disney still remains to be the top contender in the children’s genre. But Dreamworks is well on its way to to closing the gap between themselves and Disney with Shrek leading the way.

Our team at Flixaddict.com hope that you enjoyed this review by an actual viewer of the movie. We want to thank you for reading and to thank viewers for taking the time to write and send in movie and tv show reviews so that we can share them with others.

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flixaddict – Orson Welles

The first movie Orson ever directed was in 1934 and it was called Hearts of the Age. Four years later, he filmed a comedy called Too Much Johnson. This film was supposed to be the staging of the show at the Mercury Theatre. However, the footage was never used because the movie’s height was too low for projection on the stage. However, his best film was directed at age 26, it was called Citizen Kane.

He loved theater and focused on theater. Yet also did commercial ads, voices, and went on to television and Hollywood film productions. Orson’s filmography is huge and phenomenal. Before he passed away, he had finished some recent works including acting in The Transformers: The Movie and Someone to Love and being the voice for a character in The Enchanted Journey. And he did an introduction for The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice, an episode.

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Flixaddict – Good British Teen Movies

Did you know that there are some good teen movies from and about Britain out there? If you’ve never watched a British movie or even if you’re a huge British film fan, here is a list of movies that you’ll enjoy:

Anita and Me (2002)

Get Real (1998)

The History Boys (2006)

December Boys (2008)

Gregory’s Girl (1981)

Starter for 10 (2006)

The Blue Lagoon (1949

To Sir, with Love (1967)

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)

Buddy’s Song (1991)

The Hole (2001)

St. Trinians (2008)

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Our team at flixaddict.com will continue to post lists of movies from around the world so check back often. At flixaddict.com we offer hundreds of movies that are instantly stream to your smart phones, mobile devices, and any other Internet-ready devices.

Flixaddict – August 24 Celebrity Fashion News

Film maker Tony Scott will be remembered and honored this upcoming weekend during a family-only ceremony

On August 19, he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles, leaving behind his wife and their twins. Plans for a public ceremony to honor Tony Scott’s life and work are under way and will be revealed with they are officially complete. Actor Tom Cruise of the movie “Top Gun” that Tony directed remembers his colleague and friend and mentions how he was a dear friend to him and will really missed. His mark on the film industry is immeasurable.

For a normal upbringing, Suri won’t be wearing designer clothes

As reports have it, Suri is enrolled in a school that requires uniforms. Plus the child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s wardrobe is over $3 million. So her mother has decided that she will curtail the expensive clothes by having her daughter not wear designer clothing.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis – rumor or real?

There are rumors going around that there’s love in the air for these two stars. Last Wednesday the two were at a Dodgers game together looked like more than friends. Sitting in the premiere seating in the dugout, the two were constantly gazing into each other’s eyes

Prince Harry’s Naked Photos

It’s reported that after the Prince’s naked shots, girls will like him more people will find him more relatable, like he’s a normal human being. And perhaps these shots are more mild than the marijuana and partying that he did when he was younger. What will they do now that he’s 27?

Rupert Sanders is desperately saving marriage

Director Rupert Sanders, who cheated on his wife Liberty Ross, told sources that he is desperate to rescue his marriage. Pleading for a second chance yet his wife is just taking things one day at a time.

The New Guy in January Jones’ Life

Director Noah Miller has been showing up in public arm in arm and hand in hand with the “Mad Men” actress January Jones.

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Flixaddict – Top Models Turned Movie Stars

There are some very beautiful actresses who began their careers in modeling, then went on to become famous film actresses. Here are the top 10, as rated by one movie buff. flixaddict, you can find hundreds of films with not yet known actresses who were, quite possibly, models.

Charlize Theron

Charlize began her acting career in 1995 playing an uncredited role in the film “Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest”, but she is best known for her roles in: “Trapped”, “The Italian Job”, “Monster”, and most recently, “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron began her acting career in 1992 in “The Mask” where she played opposite Jim Carrey. Her most notable roles are those in: “There’s Something About Mary”, the “Sherk” films, “Being John Malkovich”, and “Gangs of New York”.

Halle Berry

Halle got her start in acting in 1989 on the series “Living Dolls”. She has since starred in many successful films, such as: “X-Men: The Last Stand”, “X2”, “X-Men”, “Die Another Day”, and “Gothica”.

Milla Jovovich

Milla was still a model in 1988 when she got her first role in a film entitled: “Two Moon Junction”. Since that time, she has made a success of the “Resident Evil” franchise, playing Alice. She has had guest appearances on several television shows like “Married With Children” and voiced the character of Serena Shaw in “King of the Hill”.

Brooke Shields

Brooke began modeling at a very young age, by the urging of her mother. While she was still modeling, she gained a role in the short lived 1974 television show “After the Fall”. Brooke then went on to star in such films as: “The Blue Lagoon” and “Endless Love”, and starred in her own television series, “Suddenly Susan”.

Andie MacDowell

Andie has never really stopped her career as a model. She is still the spokesmodel for Revlon, but she did segue into film stardom with roles in: “Groundhog Day”, “Short Cuts”, “Sex, Lies and Video Tape”, and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

Rebecca Romijn

Long before Rebecca married John Stamos, she was a famous model. Rebecca has remained a model, but has also taken the plunge into acting with films like: “X2”, “X-Men”,

“X-Men: The Last Stand”, and “Femme Fatale”.

Freida Pinto

Beautiful Freida Pinto got her start as a young model in Mumbai, and decided to try her hand in Bollywood. That choice definitely paid off when she starred in “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2008. Since then, she has gone on to star in films like: “Immortals”, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger”.

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